Natural smoke exhausting window

        Automatic opening and closing window, (patent product) glass curtain wall, broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, aluminum alloy doors and windows, special safety doors, Kendl Ki Men, plastic steel doors and windows, sunlight room, aluminum and wood composite doors and windows, isolation wall and so on.

        The company has independently developed the high air moving smoke window of the industrial factory building wall and linked with the fire control control system to realize the window automatic opening and closing technology. It has now obtained 7 invention patents. This technology further improves the difficulty of automatic opening and closing of the upper window of the industrial workshop, and has a large opening angle, which has effectively solved the ventilation problem and is widely used in the use. General praise.

        In 2013, the pneumatic window has been applied to the utility model patent. With the development of the project, the improvement opinions received by the customer have been absorbed by the experience. Through the continuous efforts of the team, the high altitude wall window, the roof window and the fire control system are developed. When the fire occurs, the control box transfers the dry point signal to the fire control box through the temperature sense and the smoke sensor, and all the windows associated with the control box will open all the 5 seconds. It plays the role of exhaust smoke, reduces the risk of personnel and makes the fire loss to the lowest. Further fill the domestic pneumatic window in the automatic, and with the fire fighting linkage gap, solve the daily ventilation and smoke, adjust the indoor air, when the fire risk can be used as fire smoke window, to achieve a window multi purpose.

        At the beginning of 2014, the air window project began to cooperate with the major design institutes. We are now able to tailor different sizes of pneumatic windows and electric windows according to the needs of the customers. At present, we are in contact with the relevant departments. In the near future, the pneumatic windows will be written in the atlas for more customers. Looking forward to your call, we will try our best to design for you to meet your satisfaction.

        In addition, since 2011, our company has developed foreign trade business, launched the company's products in China, participated in the 111st Guangzhou Fair and took part in the follow-up of all the Guangzhou Trade Fair.

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